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September 11, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 6:58pm

Minutes for the August meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

Range: Trap shoot has 6 – 7 people per week. The preparation of the concrete has been completed. The screen will need to be laid before the concrete is poured. A pallet of birds has been purchased. Once this project is completed, we will be looking into putting a cover over the target area of the pistol range. The Kids Shoot on August 18th had four children in attendance due to the rainy weather in the morning.

Trails: The lumber has not been ordered yet. We are still waiting on the tracks to be replaced on the Groomer. We will need to confirm who will be plowing for the winter. The plowing bill will need to be received by the beginning of the month, to allow Mike time to submit it to the state. Mike will have to find out from the town where the trail will have to be located with Fed Ex coming into town. There may be some other trail changes per the landowners. The Grass Drags will be held on Columbus Day weekend. If we are looking to hold a snowmobile event that will allow participants access to the event, it will need to be have the paperwork submitted to the State no later than 46 days before the event.

Old Business: Paul Elie contacted Verizon it will be $250 to have a hot spot installed and $100 per month. Comcast will be $75 a month for monitoring and $600 for six cameras with signing up to have the monitoring set up. If we do not have monitoring set up for a month, the camera will be a bigger expense per camera. Paul has not heard back from Comcast at this time to find out if they will install the six cameras. There may be an added cost to have the cameras installed with the cable lines to be run into the
Clubhouse. The new logger is booked up until next spring, so he will not be able to do winter logging this year. He has contacted Robert Beaudry. Robert would prefer winter logging, which will put logging on hold until the winter of 2019. The other option is to look for a new logger with a different type of truck, that does not use a flatbed, that will be about to go over the bridge. The State will continue to be logging on the Lamb Road.

New Business: The meeting on October 9th will be held at the Groomer Barn.

Adjourned at 7:44pm