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August 14th, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 6:59pm.

Range Report: Trap shooting has declined some to approximately 6-7 people per week. The kids shoot has been rescheduled for this Saturday the 18th.

Trail Report: We are waiting on a contract for the Groomer repairs.

Old Business: Paul is still looking into the hot spot internet for the Club House. The VFW has offered to buy our camera for $350.00. This will allow us to look into a system that will not require the internet. The new logger is looking to go through Beaudry’s field. All the other options will be a bigger expense. Robert Beaudry would prefer winter logging so he does not lose any of his field in the summer. The logger knows Robert and will contact him and discuss when the best time will be. Craig spoke to his contacts about the Groomer they are going directly through the manufacturer. A motion was passed to purchase strapping and plastic for the Groomer Barn to install the insulation. Ed looked into moving the range layout. There are two possible spots but it will be an added expensive. We will also need to look at the RSA to find out if a move is possible because we are grandfathered for being an existing range. At this time is not viable option to move the range.

New Business: Ticket sales for the raffle have been slow at this time 21 tickets have been sold. A suggestion was made to extend the raffle until October 1st. Craig spoke to the web designer and told him he needed to come to a meeting with a proposal on what he would like to do and the costs involved. John Caramore made a motion to modify rule 15 to allow rapid fire of a maximum of three rounds between a five-second waiting period. An amendment was made to the motion to add, “This exception is for Handguns only and will be subject to a 90 day trail period. A second motion was made to table the rapid-fire discussion until cameras have been installed. The motion was passed to table the discussion until we have cameras for added security. A suggestion was made to contact Comcast about installing a security system. A shotgun has been purchased for the club to be used at club events. At this time, it will be kept at Paul’s house until a safe has been purchased to keep at the police station.

Adjourned at 8:15pm