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July 10, 2018


Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7:00 pm.


Minutes for June meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report for June was read and accepted.




Range Report: Trap Shoot on Tuesdays have between 10-12 shooters every week.  There is a pallet of birds on order.  Volunteers are needed for the Kids Shoot on August 4th, 2018.  Dick Westney will help to promote the Kids Shoot on social media.  Paul Hamel is working on food.  Work has been started for the addition to the club house.




Trails Report: We have received grant in aid for bridge repairs and the tracks for the Groomer.  Craig Richardson will reach out to some of his contacts for pricing on the tracks.  The lights and outlets are useable in the Groomer Barn.  We still need help to hang insulation.




Old Business:  The original logger that Ed was in contact with has backed out.  Ed is in contact with another Logger who would like to start in August.  The original spot for the land has also been moved.  Ed is trying to get in contact with the power company for an access road near the power lines.  A base will need to be put in for the Loggers at an approximate cost of $2,000.  The security cameras that we have purchased will not work unless we have internet access to them.  Paul Elie will look into putting an internet hot spot at the Club House.  Craig has dropped off raffle tickets to Charlestown Hunting and Sporting Depot and Black Ops.  Craig will be checking in with them every week.  Charlestown Hunting and Sporting Depot will be closed for the next two weeks.  The discussion for removing the 5 second rule for Rapid Fire has been tabled until a further date, any member who comes up with a plan on how the rule should be changed and why can come to a meeting to propose a change to this rule. 




New Business Don Spaulding proposed looking into changing the layout of the range and a possible movement on our property.  Don will look into this, if it is a viable option we will look into starting a committee to further expand on the possibility.  The suggestion was made to also look into having a No Blue Sky Shooting Range.






Meeting adjourned 8:49 pm