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September 12th, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7:02pm.

Minutes to August meeting were read and accepted with the revision of the “Stop Shooting” light will be solar lights (Range Report) and 501-H4 not 501-CH (New Business). Treasurer’s report for August was read and accepted.


Range Report: The Pistol Range, 20 and 50 yard traps have been completed.  The Electrician came Monday, September 11th.  There are New Outlets added to the Clubhouse.  All of the extension cords have been removed.  New wire had to be bought because the old wire had been cut in multiple lengths.  It was more cost effective to buy new wire than the parts to connect the old wire.  The Clubhouse has been cleaned up and new lights have been added.


Trails Report: The sprockets have been pulled from the Snow Cat and sent out for repair.  Dick spoke to Herb about putting a snow fence to go along the back and side of his property.  Then trees will be getting cut down.


Old Business:  Dick spoke to Mike about the road closure.  Mike was fixing the road for the Homeowners and members were rude to him.  There were members who drove on the neighbor’s lawn to go around the crew cleaning up the fallen tree.  Mike needs to be spoken to for the parking lot plowing.  The bill needs to be submitted each month with the Groomer allowance to the State.  The sign does not need abutters’ permission.  Ed will measure from the buildings for sign placement.   Bill will fill out the building permit for the new shed.  Bill suggested that we hold off on the electric and just put the shell up.  The damaged fence from the tree falling will be repaired or removed along with removing the damaged tree.  The estimate to take down the remainder of the trees is $2,000.  Ed is still contacting the loggers for the tree removal out back.  There were five people at the pistol shoot.


New Business Paul will hold a pistol shoot on October 1st, 2017 at noon time.  The youth shoot on the 16th has 27 kids signed up.  Registration will open at 8:30am.  Dick will need volunteers to arrive between 7:30-8:00.  Craig Richardson was approached by Tom Cobb for the ATV club.  The ATV club needs sponsored trails for the State to open up the roads.  Tom will talk to some of the land owners for permission.  Tom will need to come to a meeting with paperwork.  The concern is the damage that will be caused by the ATVs and who will pay for and make the repairs to the trails.  Paul is asking for a $400 donation to the Senior Center.  Dick is asking to donate the old camera system (2 cameras) to the Fall Mountain Food Pantry.  Both donations have been passed.  We need to find someone to trap a beaver.  Next month is when trapping season opens.  Bill will check with the town and then the State.


 Meeting adjourned 8:24 pm