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May 9, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7:01pm.

Minutes to May meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report for May was read and accepted.


Range Report: Dick Westney reported trap is going good. Dick is trying to get the mower purchased from Charlestown Senior Center to the range. Dick spoke with the electrician again about running power to the clubhouse, he would like to discuss and decided how we want to proceed. Dick to check on estimate to have power buried. Dick to also check on cost to pour a slab for a new shed at range.



Trails Report: Club has been approved for grant and aid from state for materials used for bridge repairs .


Old Business: Sullivan County Sportsman Club and Old#4 Rod, Gun and Snowmobile Club merger exploration group: Brian Dillon (member at large), Craig Richardson (Club Officer) and Jon Palimeri (Board of Director member).

Brian Dillion asked about status of "property usage contract". Bill Fowle has not finalized and presented to the membership for discussion and a vote.


New Business:  Dick to have rules sign made locally and he has requested a new sign at the entrance of our driveway. Bill is going to inquire about a used sign post from a non-member. We went over "Projects Lists" for both Trails and Range. Member asked for clarification about steel target usage. After much discussion the it was decided that the club will ONLY allow steel targets that are factory manufactured that swing down or force the projectile downward upon striking the steel to the ground. This will still allow for ricochets that may only glance the target so ONLY .22LR is to be shot at them. NO OTHER CALIBERS ARE ALLOWED TO BE SHOT AT STEEL TARGETS.

Dick brought up the hours of operation (shooting hours).  He would like to see the ending hours (closing hours)  to be earlier than what we currently have. Safety is the may reason but there has also been complaints about shooting during late spring and summer until well after 9pm.  The topic was tabled for this meeting but will be revisited next month and decided on then. 


 Meeting adjourned 9:07pm